Fallen off the bandwagon

I haven’t touch this cyber diary in ages. Life got in the way.
In the many months I hadn’t touched this blog we finally got married. Had an amazing holiday. Christmas came about and I felt like I had no goals, no purpose. I guess you have that feeling sometimes when you’ve spent invested so much time organising something as big as a wedding.

Then the universe spoke.

I remember finding out the week before Valentine’s Day that we were expecting our first child.

Holy hell. I was scared. Yet excited. I felt like I wasn’t ready, career wise. Would have loved to travel more with my husband. Saved more. Paid off more of the mortgage.

Boy, am I glad the universe took over. I don’t know when I would’ve been ready. I always had in my mind that I’d wait until I was 30 and see how I’d feel.

But, our little man is here now, 11 weeks old.

I think it’s a good time for me to revive this blog as I want to be committed to documenting our life as family. I don’t want to forget all the details as so much happens so quickly.

Until tomorrow.